Imaginative and innovative solutions to your own concepts and ideas,

all at affordable costs within your project budget.

At MJDesign we can offer you a unique product design service by being a 'Micro-business' with minimal overheads.
This allows for a quick flow of ideas through the product processes to concept launch.
Please see the sections below, headed by some of the typical product design processes that you will receive as part of the project collaboration if we begin a project together.
I look forward to having an initial meeting with you to discuss your good ideas.
Initial meeting: concept idea sketches
Coming from a practical, hands-on background, we appreciate the need to fully understand your project goals. This means that we like to hear what your expectations are for the idea from a business aspect as well as a design one.
We can meet and look at various concept configurations depending upon your own circumstances, seeing where it would best fit in with your own lifestyle.
The knowledge and experience that we can apply to this initial project assessment will give both of us a good appreciation for the project's potential.
Concept agreement: Prototyping & testing
Using the initial stage of two-dimensional sketch techniques; once various concepts been discussed and agreed, the next process is to transfer these into low cost, scaled prototype 'Sketch models'. This allows for a better appreciation for the concept and depending upon the complexity of the design, testing some of the functionality.
Functionality can take in user testing such as ergonomics/anthropometrics, plus technical mechanical and electrical operability.
'Sketch modelling' can be carried out using the most basic of materials such as cardboard, wood and cheap plastics. Alternatively, if requested at this stage, more finished prototype models can be produced for showing to associated industry partners such as electronics & production experts. This can provide for good final production readiness. Plus, it can also be used to show and presentation to prospective customers or business backers.
Computer Aided Design, (CAD): Final production
Having finalised the design between us both; the concept will be left in our hands to fully develop and complete for final production. This involves detailed 3D computer aided design work with consultation and collaboration from other
industries. Depending upon the type of product being developed, typically these are companies that specialise in electronics, materials, toolmaking for moulding and manufacturers, etc
The finalising stages does take some meeting and decision making, back and forth between ourselves and you the client. This is usually mainly to fully focus the final production and end of project costs, plus it is a worthwhile opportunity to review that all the project aims have been met.
If you have not done so before; it can also be worth asking us about the presentation to your marketplace. Using some of our models and CAD images quick and relatively inexpensive promotional material can be produced to help your newly completed product enter the market successfully.